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 It's a beautiful evening at the end of a long, sunny day. My spouse and I are lounging on the spacious Upper Deck, enjoying a bottle of fine wine while listening to the rhythmic sound of the wavelets lapping gently against the sides of the boat.  A smile spreads slowly across our faces, as we realize that life really IS good on board our custom-built Kit-Cat. It's everything we've ever wanted in a boat ...and so much more. With personalized touches and many fine details -- everything is just the way we wanted it. 

 We've earned the right to be proud. Few people are able to realize their dreams in such a big way. Only WE know how little this boat actually cost; everyone else thinks that we have twice as much invested.

 That's the great thing about our new Kit-Cat. It's the ideal boat for us in a way that no “off-the-shelf” production boat could ever be. We built this boat ourselves, with professional hired help when it was needed. We've been around boats for a long time, and we knew exactly what we wanted. We wanted lots of room and comfort. We wanted a quiet, efficient boat that would cruise fast without sacrificing comfort. The Kit-Cat that we built is the perfect fit. It has the speed and style of a great Catamaran, combined with the large deck space of a pontoon party boat. Whether we are cruising under power or sail, this boat enables us, our family, and our friends to enjoy every minute on the water.

 Sssshhhhh! Don't say anything, or everyone will want one. It feels good to have something this unique, something this special. Something no one else has. And if no one else builds a Kit-Cat, that's just fine with us. We enjoy the attention that we get with our custom-built Kit-Cat. You have to admit, it's a lot of fun listening to people speculate about what kind of boat this is, where it came from, how much it cost, etc. ”If they only knew...”. But we're not going to let out the secret!

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Kit-Cats brings an innovative and affordable new approach to the luxury power-sailing and yachting market by offering custom or builder assisted catamarans.
Now you can own a performance multi-hull vessel perfectly suited to your individual requirements.



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